Awesome Photography Show in Austin

Sometimes I really miss Texas, like when I got this e-mail from evanistan (you know the guy with the amazing photographs from Afghanistan?) telling me about the photography show he's in this Saturday, my heart kind of broke a little more.

Here's evanistan's description of this unique event:

So I will have about 100 prints from Afghanistan and about 100 from many other places, and the other photographers are bringing their own work as well. In total there will be about 15 cities represented, and at least five countries.

The idea is, each 4x6 print is $3.50 and starting at 9pm (halfway thru the show) you can throw $3.50 in the jar and take the photo you want right off the wall. Hopefully the show will disappear while it's still going on. Each print is unique (no duplicates) so if you want to have your pick it's best to show up before 9 and take a look around!

So y'all go check it out! Tomorrow (Saturday, the 29th) night  at Space 12, 3121 E 12th St, at 9pm. It looks awesome, and I can't believe I'm going to miss it. But feel free to post a comment bragging about your experience.

Marfa, Tx - Take Two, by Zach

Last month was filled with several vacations for me. Not only was it great to celebrate the end of wedding season with a much needed trip to San Francisco for a few days, but I also got to venture out to Marfa, Texas for the first time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my girlfriend. We even brought the pup.

Photographs From Croatia, by Vedran Falica

I was surprised to discover that one of my favorite things about running filmzblog has been finding guest photographers from all over the world and learning more about them and their work. It's been really great. Usually I just surf through various 'film' groups on flickr, find a few people who's work I like and write them an invitation. Often I don't know where they're from, but sometimes I can tell that they deffinitly aren't native English speakers. Though, in every instance I have been impressed to discover that their English is far superior to my own ability to speak any other language. 

I was so excited when I heard back from Vedran Falica, because his pictures are so incredible. This first one for instance, I think what kills me about it is the tiny bit of sand in the navel. Something about it is just so sensual and mysterious. No matter what he's photographing, Vedran's images are always captivating. Even if it's just a photograph of a building or some cars driving along a hillside, there is a quality to his photographs that draws you in and makes you want to know more about what's going on. I was even more excited when I learned that Vedran & his girlfriend Sara are total photo geeks together, and they have started this really awesome double exposure project called 'The Toss Off'. They only have one roll of film up so far, but they have already created some really great images together.  

I am swooning..... is there anything more romantic? No, I don't think so either. And on that note, here's Vedran:

Disposable Day Volume 8: Megan Finley

I was just thrilled when Megan Finley said that she would do Disposable Day, as she is pretty much my favorite lady on the internet. Why you ask? Well for starters she's the managing editor of THE mother of all independent woman positive* wedding blogs: Offbeat Bride, AND she is an awesome photographer  in her own right. She runs her own wedding photography business serving offbeat couples all over California, and her pictures never fail to make me smile (which is saying something, if you only knew how much wedding photography I look at). On top of all this, Ms. Megan somehow finds the time to also run her own awesome blog, funk in deep freeze, which is filled with hilarious, and often touching scenes from her life with her husband and pets. She sounds like a total badass, right? But as an added bonus, she also happens to be the most genuine, unpretentious person that I've ever come across in my internet adventures, and therefor it is with the greatest pleasure that I present this Disposable Day, by Megan Finley.  

I started my day with an early client meeting in San Pedro, I thought the sun was pretty rising over the harbor with all the nice white boats neatly lined up.

Photographs From South Korea, by Christian Diehl

Christian Diehl is a German student who spent some time studying Japanese, Economics and History in South Korea. While he was there he took some truly lovely photographs using a wide range of cameras and films. I was attracted to his images because they are not only show a strong technical proficiency (look at the exposers on the black and white pics! The composition!  His perfect use of line to keep your eye moving, and yet always coming back to the subject), but his images also invoke a strong feeling of wistfulness. The people in his photographs always appear to be elsewhere, or dreaming, as if they are not fully present in their immediate environment. He captures all of these things just right and shows us a South Korea that is unfolding, timeless scenes of fisher men, juxtaposed with a modern industrial landscape. Blue coller workers, businessmen, and school girls, all gazing out into the distance at something that goes unseen. 

Disposable Day Volume 7: Barney Baggett

I've known Barney for over 15 years now. We met because we both worked at the Renaissance Festival when I was like 15 & he was 14. At some point over the last decade and a half, I discovered that he was a pretty good writer. When we started talking about him doing Disposable Day, I suggested that instead of just writing an elongated caption for all of his pictures, that he might instead write a short piece of fiction. This is what he came up with:

He hates this part. Every time he hates this part.

His girlfriend rolls away from him, and pulls even more of his little precious warmth away with her. The lingering chill in the room, drafting around like an anxious toddler, took this opportunity to lick his neck under his ear, down his shoulder blade, under his arm. It's uncomfortable, but at least it's familiar. There and then, he sleepily arrives at the conclusion that this part of the morning is always this way, the voyage from the warm luscious beaches of slumber over to the cold light of day full of ornery reluctance. Almost always anyway. 

We Had A Time

We had a really great party. At least I thought so. It was kind of overwhelming. We showed some photographs, some of our own, and outside (see above) we had some 'best of' Disposable Day submissions hanging from a clothes line that folks could view with that adorable freaking lantern.