Disposable Day Volume 8: Megan Finley

I was just thrilled when Megan Finley said that she would do Disposable Day, as she is pretty much my favorite lady on the internet. Why you ask? Well for starters she's the managing editor of THE mother of all independent woman positive* wedding blogs: Offbeat Bride, AND she is an awesome photographer  in her own right. She runs her own wedding photography business serving offbeat couples all over California, and her pictures never fail to make me smile (which is saying something, if you only knew how much wedding photography I look at). On top of all this, Ms. Megan somehow finds the time to also run her own awesome blog, funk in deep freeze, which is filled with hilarious, and often touching scenes from her life with her husband and pets. She sounds like a total badass, right? But as an added bonus, she also happens to be the most genuine, unpretentious person that I've ever come across in my internet adventures, and therefor it is with the greatest pleasure that I present this Disposable Day, by Megan Finley.  

I started my day with an early client meeting in San Pedro, I thought the sun was pretty rising over the harbor with all the nice white boats neatly lined up.

Taken in San Pedro, a palm tree with a sun flare.

On my way from San Pedro I tried to snap a picture from underneath this awesome section of the 110 North, where all these freeway overpasses intersect. I blew the timing, obviously, but I still like the photo. :) (btw, I almost crashed trying to take a picture of the downtown skyline after this.)

If you're going to have me document my day, I GOTTA include pictures of my boy Jack. This is him laying in a sunny spot on the couch by the window.

And this is Peezu enjoying that same sunny spot on the couch.

Took a little trip to the Farmers Market on 3rd & Fairax (where I used to work). It used to be a sleepy little neighborhood hang with I was young, now it's a huge tourist trap/neighborhood hang. And before it was the Farmers Market, Arthur Fremont Gilmore ran a dairy farm there. After he struck oil, and got majorly rich, his son E. B. Gilmore opened the country's first self-serve gas station at 3rd & Fairfax and these pumps still remain to honor that history.

Remember when I told you that Farmers Market is now a big tourist trap? Well we have The Grove to thank for that. Here it is all dressed up for Christmas.

Ah these guys! James Dean and Marilyn painted onto the side of a the building right next to the Pleasure Chest. I pass by these guys every day as I go too and from my apartment. I don't know the story behind them, but they've been here for a loooooong time.

Omg, ugh, I don't know WHY but one of my neighbors placed these creepy gnomes under the stairs to my apartment. They creep me out daily. Except the frog (see him in the background) I like the frog.

My cat Diego, aka. The Woogs, staring up at me from atop my luggage. This is what I have to deal with every time I try to pack for a trip. 

 Late night diner food.

From the sun rising in San Pedro to the sun setting in West Hollywood! That's my view out of my living room window -- the one that looks out over the Pleasure Chest. And those tall buildings and palm trees are century city in distance.

*In my humble opinion, though indy wedding blogs abound it is rare to find ones that are truly woman positive. Consumerism and misogyny so often go hand and hand, and this especially runs rampant when it comes to weddings. Offbeat Bride steadfastly refuses to play that game. I heart them. Also, I should probably mention that I'm a repeat sponsor and that 90% of my UK weddings have come from them, even though they are based on the West Coast of the ole US of A. Obviously, this increases my hearting. 


megan said...

oh wow. I'm going to read the beginning of this entry every morning as a daily affirmation. :) I LOVED being a part of disposable day and was seriously honored that you would even ask me to contribute. I freaking adore the HELL out of you Lauren!

Lauren said...

oh, well, *blushing*

From time to time I get the feeling that we have led crazy parallel lives. you know?

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