Awesome Photography Show in Austin

Sometimes I really miss Texas, like when I got this e-mail from evanistan (you know the guy with the amazing photographs from Afghanistan?) telling me about the photography show he's in this Saturday, my heart kind of broke a little more.

Here's evanistan's description of this unique event:

So I will have about 100 prints from Afghanistan and about 100 from many other places, and the other photographers are bringing their own work as well. In total there will be about 15 cities represented, and at least five countries.

The idea is, each 4x6 print is $3.50 and starting at 9pm (halfway thru the show) you can throw $3.50 in the jar and take the photo you want right off the wall. Hopefully the show will disappear while it's still going on. Each print is unique (no duplicates) so if you want to have your pick it's best to show up before 9 and take a look around!

So y'all go check it out! Tomorrow (Saturday, the 29th) night  at Space 12, 3121 E 12th St, at 9pm. It looks awesome, and I can't believe I'm going to miss it. But feel free to post a comment bragging about your experience.

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