The Folk Behind Filmzblog

I love photography, but by trade I'm really a computer scientist.  That means I spend most of my day drinking coffee, making statistical models, and typing into black boxes on computer screens.  And, believe it or not, I really love that sort of thing.  But I gotta give some love to my right brain as well -- and for me, that love comes in the form of photography.  

Most of my recent photography has been digital -- I maintain a blog of my cameraphone photos, as well as a sparser collection of dSLR photos -- but I'm looking forward to filmzblog as inspiration to put more time into film.  I hope, by seeing all of our online geek-outs about film photography, you are similarly inspired.


I was enticed by film photography during my youth but primarily through taking a photojournalism class in college. I was one of the only students who turned in their work shooting film not just because I loved the quality, but because I was a relatively poor student who couldn't afford the more expensive digital SLRs.

Upon graduating from the University of Texas, I began shooting weddings with Laurenwhich led me to becoming a wedding photographer myself. I began shooting thousands of photographs digitally for the first time. I couldn't believe that the ISO could be changed at any given time. Shooting digitally has produced incredible results and made me a better photographer overall. 

The idea of a blog about film is exciting for me because I get to go back to the basics - using the old film cameras I have collected, taking my time behind the lens, and sorting through negatives strips for the photographs ready to be viewed by others.

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