Photographs From South Korea, by Christian Diehl

Christian Diehl is a German student who spent some time studying Japanese, Economics and History in South Korea. While he was there he took some truly lovely photographs using a wide range of cameras and films. I was attracted to his images because they are not only show a strong technical proficiency (look at the exposers on the black and white pics! The composition!  His perfect use of line to keep your eye moving, and yet always coming back to the subject), but his images also invoke a strong feeling of wistfulness. The people in his photographs always appear to be elsewhere, or dreaming, as if they are not fully present in their immediate environment. He captures all of these things just right and shows us a South Korea that is unfolding, timeless scenes of fisher men, juxtaposed with a modern industrial landscape. Blue coller workers, businessmen, and school girls, all gazing out into the distance at something that goes unseen. 

All Photographs in this post are © Christian Diehl and were shot using a Konica Hexar


Kate said...

These are beautiful! I love how in the 1st one, the tires on the side of the boat look like a lens and it even looks like a flash is above the lens, like a giant camera. And the colors in the shot with the tubers are amazing!
These are really great, thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

thanks Kate!

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