Marfa, Tx - Take Two, by Zach

Last month was filled with several vacations for me. Not only was it great to celebrate the end of wedding season with a much needed trip to San Francisco for a few days, but I also got to venture out to Marfa, Texas for the first time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my girlfriend. We even brought the pup.

Awhile back I did show the Filmzblog world some photographs I took during my Marfa trip to illustrate my love for Cormac McCarthy's literary work. The photographs in today's post were taken during my walks around town as I discovered Marfa's charming qualities. I felt right at home with the place.

There are many homes simply falling apart in Marfa. The photograph below is the front of a house; however, the entire backside is missing.

This customized car was decked out with large bull horns on the top of the hood. It was for sale, but the price wasn't included. It turns out many things are quite expensive out in the middle of nowhere of Texas. Who knew?

I photographed Amelia and Jack after we visited the Chinati Foundation. Jack wasn't allowed to see the conceptual modern art. I think he would've enjoyed the very large white bed piece though. Oh well.

And of course I can't shoot a roll of film without taking at least one photograph of my Jack Russell terrier pup by himself. This is Jack waiting for Amelia to return from the natural foods store across the street. 

I look forward to the next time I head out west to Marfa again. If you haven't visited the area yet, I highly recommend going. Experiencing Donald Judd's permanent installations at the Chinati Foundation is totally worth the trip. I must say Dan Flavin's fluorescent lights and Carl Andre's poetry were definitely the high points of the Chinati tour.

*Photographs taken with a Mamiya C330 using Kodak Portra 400 and a Canon Ftb with Fuji 400


Lauren said...

these are real nice pictures Z. that one of jack is priceless, and Amelia is looking lovely as always.

Zachary S Hunt said...

Thanks, L. It was a very fun trip. I felt I could take photos of anything out in west Texas and it would be interesting. Jack looks like a tiny man.

Cate said...

he's wearing the dog sweater I made! i'm tickled to see he's making use of it.

Zachary S Hunt said...

anytime the temperature dips below 60, we throw the sweater on him. otherwise he gets the shakes something fierce.

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