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Photo by evanistan, Afghanistan, 2010

For those of you who don't already know this, Austin, Zach and I are total nerds. I realize that many are laying claim to the nerd label these days (no one wants to be called a hipster for instance, so I'll go ahead and come clean and tell you that we are at least hipster-light, even though Zach will probably hate me for this), and the term 'nerd' can mean many different things. For instance, when I think of a music nerd I will simultaneously think: snob. So, I want to get something clear once and for all: 

We Are Not Snobs   

...for the most part. But really though. I only bring this up because as all of the disposable cameras that we sent out have started trickling back our way, I've gotten feedback from folks feeling intimidated, like their pictures might not be good enough, or something. In response I try to emphasize that Disposable Day is not really about the pictures, it's about the experience. Most of the people that we have invited to participate are not photographers. We have a social worker, a stay at home mom in the Appalachian mountains, a bad-ass dance choreographer in San Francisco, David Karsten Daniels, the creators of Mantimes, my awesome Nepalese convenience store clerk, and so many more (I'm really excited about it). The point is not to have amazing professional artsy pictures (these ARE disposable cameras, I mean come on), but to have an honest window into experiences that we wouldn't otherwise see. It is a chance for us to show you guys all the awesome people that we know about who, each in their own way, are doing really fantastic things, even if they aren't always glamourous things. It is a chance for you to show us a window into your world and what you do. We here at filmzblog are not rich (two of us are in the first year of running our own businesses, and one of us is a grad student) so we can't afford to buy everyone cameras, but we would love to see your submissions, so try it out! Don't be intimidated! It's supposed to be fun! 

It's kind of been a crazy ride for us these past two weeks, but it's also been really great, and we are truly touched by all the support and encouragement that we've received (especially from our most enthusiastic supporters: our moms). We've received some awesome submissions, and been able to show film work by  really great photographers to people who probably wouldn't see it otherwise. We've been inspired/forced to devote ourselves to our personal work with a renewed diligence. It hasen't always been easy, but for me at least it has been rewarding. 

Highlights of my week include: 
  • Getting disposable cameras from across the country in the mail every day.
  • Meeting some of my favorite artists (mantimes), handing them a disposable camera after their rock show, and having them tell me that our invitation to participate kept them entertained for 300 miles of their journey. 
  • Receiving our first guest photographer submission from a guy working for an NGO in Afghanistan (definitely check this out next Tuesday. The first picture in this post is one of his, and he says things that will touch your heart and that I wish the whole world could hear).
The goal of filmzblog is to become more and more a community driven site. We aren't just here for photographers and film enthusiast. Film is simply the thread that ties it all together. It is the medium that we use to transmit awesomeness, as well as things that are important and that we care about. Even if you are not a photographer there is plenty here to hold your attention while you procrastinate, and so you should turn off that self-censoring critic inside your head (thanks to Meg for telling me/the world that**), relax, and participate!

Be sure to tune in next week! 

*This highly unflattering polaroid of the three of us was taken by Amelia Long, on the night before my states side wedding... we may have been drinking.  Clearly we are not snobs.
** I read wedding blogs from time to time because I am a wedding photographer, though I did not read them or even know that they existed in the build up to my own wedding. APW frequently transcends 'wedding' and reads like a cheerleading site for smart creative women.... which is awesome and appreciated. Meg also makes excellent use of * and ** and I have totally just copied her. Also I should say that both Zach and I are sponsors, not sure if that matters.


Amelia said...

hipster is fine! it's just a thing!

Kate said...

I can't WAIT to see my pictures AND everyone else's!! Also, thanks for linking my blog & reminding me that my quarterly post is "bout due- it's not expected that one blog more than every 3-4 months is it? I guess not if they have my boring (HA!) life!
Keep up the good work, baby! Oh, and you all look great in the polaroid!

Lauren said...

Thanks guys! Kate: next week. crazy busy this week two weddings three wedding albums, filmzblog.... like Aidan says: who needs friends when there's work? (i miss you).

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