Disposable Day: Halloween Eve, by Dave Frank

The po-po on 6th street, Downtown Austin
Last week we started getting a steady stream of Disposable Cameras back in the mail, and are busy processing & scanning all of the negatives. In the interim, my roommate Dave Frank kindly agreed to take a camera out with him on Halloween. Here's a few select shots from his evening. 

A Costumed Halloween Night Out in Austin, TX. East Side & Downtown  

This is me , Dave Frank, graduate student in philosophy and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" evening. With me in this picture is the cutest dog in Texas, Bertrand Russell. Bert belongs to friends Kate Ritchie and Luke Allen,  who dressed as a Tea Party protester (Tea bagger) and J-WOWW (Jenni from MTV's anthropological spectacle "Jersey Shore"). Just adorable.

Kate and Nora, in a perfect Jersey Shore pose.

There were several other Teabaggers, with whom Luke made common cause. Liberty, not socilismm! God, guns, and glory.

Several dudes at the party dressed as bananas.

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