We Had A Time

We had a really great party. At least I thought so. It was kind of overwhelming. We showed some photographs, some of our own, and outside (see above) we had some 'best of' Disposable Day submissions hanging from a clothes line that folks could view with that adorable freaking lantern. 

Some truly awesome solo acts played. No, I mean really: truly awesome. When I think 'house show' I think that the bands are going to be rubbish and too loud. Not so in this case. The solo acts that played at our show were chill, folky, unique, and wonderful. I was slayed. Throughout the night I couldn't stop going up to Zach and being like "dude! this is a really good show!" and Zach said "See? I told you it would be." Zach was so right. Above is Brandon Jackson, on the ukulele. So good.  

My friends Nora and Kate helped me to make a bunch of decorations so that people would know that they were in the right place. They also made awesome cornbread muffins to compliment my vegan chili. Zach's girlfriend and muse Amelia (above, center) bought three handles of whiskey to make irish coffee's and whiskey sours, and said that we didn't even have to pay her back, she also helped with decor, and this whole thing happened at her house. It's a really amazing thing to have friends support this project in this way. This picture dosen't do the whole thing justice (disposable cameras are not always the best for night photography), but the approach to the party felt really magical, and we got lots of compliments. Thanks ladies. 

People enjoyed Amelia's whiskey drinks, 

And the sweet music. 

Our friend Miyaka stopped by after quitting his corporate job, and before going off to California to pursue his dreams. He is an amazing and talented person. He is also incredably sweet. Like me, so many of my friends are going through major life transitions right now. Something in the air I guess.

Quin Galavis played a spectacular set. I've known this guy for awhile, but had never heard him play until our party. Such a treat! I was blown away. 

Old friends such as the lovely Ms. Sari showed up to say goodbye. I am so glad that she did. She is the sweetest thing. 

Jared Zoltar, from The Zoltars was the headliner, and was wonderful enough to line up all of the other bands. This guy is the real deal, and his music reminds me of Guided By Voices and Daniel Johnston. 

Zach and I met Holly while Fresh Plus, and Quin did some time there too I think. They are the cutest and chillest couple in the whole wide world. As a wedding photographer I am an expert these matters.

Boone Graham also played a truly steller set. Seriously, check this guy out. 

So, Zach, and me, and Austin want to say thank you to everyone who helped us have such a beautiful party, thank you to everyone who came out, and thank you to all of you lovely people who visit our wee blog. We made $165.00! Enough to buy a second film scanner for me when I get to Scotland. Hooray! If you're feeling like you want to contribute to help us buy more disposable cameras, or pay for processing, or to purchase film, there is a wee donate button to the right, and we greatly appreciate your support. Even if it's only like $3. I'll probably be taking that button down soon because I feel a little uneasy about it, so if you're feeling led, act now before we refuse to take your moneys anymore. Thank you. <3, Lauren


Austin said...

wow, i'm going to start making that face in all my pictures!

Lauren said...

it is not a particularly flattering picture of any of us, but it was the only option. z comes off the best i think.

Zachary S Hunt said...

i'm not sure exactly what i'm pointing at or even why i'm pointing. regardless, i say lauren comes off the best. old man a-team loses for sure.

Kate said...

Looks like it was a great party! Of *course* you'd have to take pictures with a disposable camer at the disposable day show! Love it!

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