Medium Format Filmz, a New Found Love by Zach

So I've been worried about film and film cameras lately. Well okay, let me rephrase, I've been antsy about the subject. It's been on my mind constantly. Mostly because of Filmzblog starting up, but also when I start to think about how there are so many great film cameras in the world waiting to be used either on sale in someone's front yard or sitting in a box in a garage somewhere, it really makes me want to collect and most importantly use film cameras. 

When I visit the camera store, I find myself ogling at all the awesome film cameras on consignment. I examine all their unique details and funny levers and dials. And it's not just there. I come across them at flea markets, yard sales, vintage stores, the Austin city wide garage sale and even the internetz. I always stop to examine them in hopes of finding just the right one at just the right price. Up until now, I had been thinking if I could only get my hands on a really awesome medium format camera, I wouldn't be so antsy anymore, or at least I'd calm down a bit until the next find. 

So last week, my mom calls me to tell me my uncle (a professional hauler of "junk") not only just hauled away a photographer's collection of film cameras, but he also found a Mamiya C330 TLR. He of course let me try it out. I attempted to hold back my excitement as I waited for the results from the first roll of film. The camera really didn't look like it had been used in decades. And success! It works! And it makes beautiful photographs!

So, yes, you have been looking at the results from the first roll of film I shot with the Mamiya. It goes to show you that they built these cameras to last. If you find a film camera for sale or in my case have an awesome uncle who happens to find amazing cameras, take a chance on it and shoot a roll of film. I now have a old medium format camera and a new found love.

* All Images in this post were shot by Zach using a Mamiya C330 TLR (That's a twin lens) and Kodak Portra 400.

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Lauren said...

I can't contain my jealousy! That first shot, (shaking my fist over my lack of functioning twin lens).

In other news I just sent Zach off to San Fransisco with 4 rolls of Kodak Portra 400. Can't wait to see the results.

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