Guest Photographer: Etienne Despois, Photographs From Paris

I wanna go to Paris so that I can meet Etienne Despois because his pictures are amazing! Check out his flickr stream, check out his blog, your mind will be blown I promise. Dude only shoots film and he shoots like a sniper, always capturing a moment when it is compositionally perfect. It hurts me. I found him on flickr, we exchanged some messages, and he is awesome (he didn't even make fun of me for using google translater to try and talk French at him). So without further ado, I present Eitenne Despois.


So you wanna know a little bit more about me, kind of hard!! I've been really into photography for about 4 years. I use only analog camera, I got a bunch of them. The first one was a lomo fisheye that I bought in a skymall then my father gave me his old reflex, a canon Ftb and the collection began from this point!

I like using "lomographic" cameras because of the particular effect and I like the idea to use "cheap" cameras (even if nowadays it's pretty expensive and hype to use it...But you can still find some old and cheap one for real!)The last high tech things don't necessarly give you the best picture ever.

For the films, I use all kind of them: black and white, colours, diapo, but I like the Cross-process for the diapo particularly with my Lc-a.I give the film to a lab and scan it by myself. Oh yeah and most of the film are out of date (is it the good way to say it?).

Now about myself the hardest !!I was really into skateboarding when I was younger that's maybe why I like taking pictures of the street.

Because of skateboarding, I've been always around photographer but I never took the time to get into it, now that I have more time (I mean I skate less !!) I started to take pictures. That's it! My only project is to have pleasure of what I'm doin'!

All photos © Etienne Despois

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