Disposable Day Volume 4: by Anne Dunckel

The Tour de Fat is one of my favorite bike events in Austin...

This Disposable Day is actually a submission, and it is hella awesome. Seriously beyond my wildest expectations. Anne by far surpasses the three of us when wielding a disposable camera. I'll let her tell you the rest. 
...I love running into all my bike buds, drinking lots of really good beer, supporting good bike causes, and riding around on really wacky bike contraptions.  Plus the touring groups are always amazing.  Yard Dogs Road Show blew me away.

My bed is the best thing I own. On Saturday I think it took me till 1pm to roll out of its fluffy covers and get my butt on my bike and down to the Tour de Fat.

Children dressed up as fast food.  Cute, but sort of gross.

With the help of a few New Belgium 1554s I really began to appreciate the beautiful sky.

I'm not a fan of dressing up for Halloween, but I do appreciate the subtle addition of a single costume piece.

After riding all over town, my butt getting a little worn, losing my tobacco, and my brain getting a little too buzzed, this sign with the sunset really pushed me to make it to the next friend's house to watch the world series game.  Journey on, DUH!

Baseball is always better with a strawberry ninja making you delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

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