Accidental Double Exposure Filmz, by Zach

This week was my turn to shoot a litograph. After much consideration, I decided to photograph my good friend Jared depicting a character from a Georges Perec novel entitled A Man Asleep. When I got the negatives back from being developed, I surprisingly discovered that the roll of film I used had already been used long ago by myself. I figured that I should display this accident to the filmzblog world for the simple appreciation of film photography's little quirks. Now of course it is nice when you know ahead of time that you are double exposing your film. But here, we obviously get some unexpected results. 

The negatives did not line up exactly with one another so I sometimes include several shots together like the first photograph. The beginning of the roll from the second time I shot the film are scenes from San Francisco's Chinatown.  

The first time the film was shot it seems that the main subject is my backyard which includes a pack of boston terriers greeting each other by the fence, patches of flowers, my shed, and various other things. The end of the second time I shot the roll is of my friend Jared in his studio apartment.

* Photographs taken by Zach with a Canon Ftb and Fuji Film 200


Annie D. said...

these are so beautiful. lucky you.

Zachary S Hunt said...

Thanks, Annie. I think there was quite a bit of luck working here. By the way, I enjoyed your disposable day. It was rad. See you at the Filmzblog party?

Anonymous said...

soooo rad and stirs up some inner creativity that's been itching to come out... thanks for sharing

Kate said...

THat was really cool! Sometimes we spend so much time over-thinking double exposures; it's nice to remember that a LOT of film photography is trusting in the photo gods. Whether you know you're putting your trust in them or not! ;)

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