Disposable Day Volume 1: A Wedding Day, by Lauren

This is the first post from our Disposable Day series that we will be featuring every Monday. As you read this, disposable cameras are making their way to fantastic folk all across the states, and a few Austinites of note are already in possession of their little cameras. I could seriously not be more excited about the line up of awesomeness that we already have in store for ya'll. We welcome your participation so if you're interested you should check out the Disposable Day  prompt. In the meantime I figured that I ought to give our prompt a little test drive. Here are the results:  

Saturday, October 23rd. Look above and you will see the interior of my car.... my room is actually quite tidy most of the time, but every car I've ever had has wound up looking like this for embarrassingly long periods of time. Lately I've been trying to eat vegan, which is not to say that I AM a vegan, just that I've been trying to eat veagan, an important distinction I think. There are a number of crumpled bags here from Taco Deli whose delicious and cheap 'freakin' vegan' tacos have become my ultimate dietary staple. For some reason Taco Deli does not include the 'freaken vegan' taco on their menu (why?) but if you ask them to take the cheese off something they'll tell you about it and tell you that they serve it at all of their locations. This deliberate menu omission is perhaps the closest I'll ever come to understanding what it feels like to be a second class citizen, unless being a woman still counts. Though I almost never feel like it does until I consider the "beauty standard." That's when shit gets vicious. 

Austin and I went to Mi Madres to talk about filmzblog and eat their most delicious breakfast burritos. Om nom nom. Must carb up for the strenuous wedding ninjadom ahead. 

Jesus light on the way to a wedding is always a sign of good things to come, lighting wise that is. This was the view through Zach's truck window (Zach is very proud of his truck). 

Zach and I arrived way early for the wedding and hung out in his truck bed. This is Zach getting into the zone. Do not mistake the expression on his face for grumpiness, it is a look of intense focus and concentration. At weddings people inevitably ask if Zach and I are married, and I tell them no, that he is 'my lovely assistant'. I am not sure if Zach enjoys this title. It always makes me think of Vanna White

The wedding was at the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center, which is a beautiful wonderful place that I haven't spent enough time at. If you're in Austin, TX you should go there. It's free and it's gorgeous. Take your bike and go for a spin on their three-mile bike trail of glory. I will live vicariously through you. 

After a wedding I occasionally hear the Lone Star call. I arrived late to my roommate's Harvest Party (thrown at her co-host's house on the east side), and discovered that they were tragically out of booze. Good samaritans that we are, Austin and I went on a quest for more beer with only 10 minutes to go 'til' the shops shut. We passed this tiny abandoned building on the way back to the party. I dug it. 

Attendees of the Harvest Party were thrilled with our success.

*All of the pictures in this post were taken by Lauren obviously, using a disposable camera.


farrahflave said...

Fantastic post, Lauren. I have to say that most of the food at the harvest (excluding the desserts) were in fact vegan--and I don't think it was intentional! Perhaps check with the chefs for confirmation.

filmzblog said...

I didn't even know that! Though I did devour the plumb cake the next day. I was not in a discriminating mood.

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